The Bones of All Men

  • The Bones of All Men
  • The Bones of All Men

Wood Engraving and letterpress printed onto Timecare Age Compatible Toned Laid cotton paper, 2021.
This is a re-creation of Hans Holbein the Younger’s print, "The Bones of All Men" from his 1538 series, "Dance of Death".
Text is printed from Della Robbia 12pt. type and Independent Gothic 8pt. type
Edition size: 82
Image Size (block size): h 2 7/16” x w 1 7/8”
Paper Size: h 8 1/2” x w 6”

This image is one in a series of 82 Dance of Death images that I'm (Rebecca Gilbert) engraving into endgrain wood and printing along with moveable type. Forty-one of the images are from Han Holbein the Younger's 1538 series that was originally carved by the formschneider Hans Lützelburger. The remaining forty-one prints in the series will all be made from my own original drawings. The combination of old and new prints in the series reflect how much changes through time with the exception of this one equalizing truth.